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Sinorock is in the business of providing industrial type Self drilling rock bolts to the various industries, businesses, and consumers in and around the world. Our products are essential to these diverse organizations and must meet high standards to ensure their continued success. Our mission is to continually improve our products and services to meet our customers' needs, and allow us to grow and prosper as a business.

Self drilling bolt is the rock and soil reinforcement rods structure. It is one of the main supporting forms of rock slope for underground,plays an important role on stability of civil engineering maintenance, especially it has obvious effect in the joints and fissures in rock mass and anchor rod on rock reinforcement.

Sinorock understands the importance of materials and corrosion resistance in today’s construction requirements. Thus,we offer a full line of traceable domestic or import products that meet SGS&CE standards.Sinorock offers the tightest tolerances in the industry. We are able to do so through stringent control of our process parameters and because of proprietary processes that we have developed. We manufacture a multitude of quality products, including anchor bolts, rock drills and Plastic Centralizer. We carry a wide-range of products within our facility and can create custom orders for the demand of our customers.
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В Kroogi с 28 июня 2017
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